I gave birth to seven children at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown. On the third floor, I heard the first cries of a child — my own child — seven times over — after the pain and struggle of labor and before he or she was placed on my chest. Eight times in all I knew the magic and … More Breathe


Mary and I were talking about the challenges facing a pastor we know who now has two separate congregations. With the dwindling attendance in some denominational churches this is the most viable option for keeping doors open — have two churches share one pastor. “What’s going to happen at Christmas?” Mary asked. “I think it was … More Rejoice

Make Room

I went for a walk around Cooperstown the other evening and was struck by how beautiful the village looks. Christmas in Cooperstown is a sight to behold. I had been thinking about doing an Advent series based on ReThink Church’s photography challenge. I was too late to get the November days in, but I could … More Make Room

A Seasonal Sonnet

A January cloak rests on the town And frosty jewels tip the maple trees By April white-gray yields to mucky brown May blossoms struggle through the final freeze June’s a-buzz with annual migration But the end of August we are tired People come and stay for their vacation September finally brings the peace desired October … More A Seasonal Sonnet