Sail Around Cooperstown

I tried — I really tried — to come up with a Sidewalk 5K for walkers like me.

But one was too long and the next too short. It measured 5K on Google maps at home but a little less or a little more in reality. I tried MapMyWalk and Runkeeper — and they came up with different distances too.

So, for what it’s worth, this route is roughly 5K.

Here’s the way the route looks on an app:img_0553-1

But if you flip it around, color it in, and squint a little, it sort of looks like a sailboat, don’t you think?


That’s how I came up with the name.

Episcopal Church manse
Episcopal Church manse

1. Start on Church Street.

One time I started in front of the manse for the Presbyterian Church (that was too long) and another I started in front of the manse for the Episcopal Church (that was too short). Maybe somewhere in between would be just right.

But I park where I can park.

Note to visitors: parking is free on Church Street but has a 2 hour limit.

2. Head west to River Street and then north on River.

3. At the corner of River and Lake, if you’re not in a hurry, enjoy the view of Otsego Lake.

The view from the corner of River and Lake
The view from the corner of River and Lake

4. Go all the way up Lake Street until it feels like you’re leaving town, and turn left onto Nelson.

5. Walk the whole length of Nelson Ave until you reach Main Street. The courthouse will be right in front of you. Turn right onto Main.

6. Left onto the first street you come to: Railroad Ave, and the left again onto the first street you come to: Leatherstocking.

7. Walk the crooked length of Leatherstocking. When you reach the end, turn right onto Chestnut.

8. Head south on Chestnut until your reach Beaver Street. At some point, you’ll need to cross Chestnut and there are several marked crossings. Watch the traffic and choose wisely.

9. At the corner of Chestnut and Beaver, you’ll see the burnt ruins of the Cooperstown Motel — or, you may see a new CVS — I’ve heard that’s in the works. In any event, turn left onto Beaver Street.

10. Three blocks down, you’ll turn left onto Susquehanna Ave. Follow that until its end, where it connects with Chestnut.

11. Right on Chestnut (Yes, you’ve already been here, but now you’re going a different direction) and then, about a block down, right onto Main Street (hope it’s not too crowded).

dsc05644-112. Yay! Main Street, Cooperstown, New York. Some of the buildings have amazing architectural details if you look. Stone faces watch from on high. Stone rosettes adorn one building. The lamp-posts are straight out of Narnia (which, I suppose, make them straight out of London)

13. After you pass the Baseball Hall of Fame, turn right into Cooper Park. Say hi to Jim as you pass him.IMG_8874

14. On the other side of the park, you will have reached Church Street again.

15. Find your car. Pat yourself on the back. You walked 5K (more or less).



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