Sidewalk 5K

I love to walk in Cooperstown. The streets are lovely and treelined. Many of the buildings are old, well-kept, and magnificent. The people are friendly — even the tourists. I think being in a beautiful place brings out the best in folks. When I read about Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K, I decided to come up with … More Sidewalk 5K

The Inundation, er, Induction

Ancient Egypt eagerly anticipated the annual flood of the Nile River. This flood, called the Inundation, became one of Egypt’s three seasons.  Ancient Egyptians depended on the flood for that year’s crop because the waters left behind a deposit of rich, fertile silt on their farmland. Every year, near the end of July, the village of Cooperstown swells from its … More The Inundation, er, Induction